samedi 26 juin 2010

Ces types, ci-dessus, sont issus d'El Dorado. C'était avant que nous ayons les modèles des personnages. Fallait bien improviser...
Ce type, ci-dessus, c'est moi rêvé en gold digger.
Inutile de dire que ce n'était qu'en rêve...

2 commentaires:

Martin Bergquist a dit…

Hey Jean-Luc, I love your new posts, I wish I could work with you someday so I could understand how you create those beautiful layout drawings... So much inspiration visiting your blog.

jean-luc SERRANO a dit…

Hi Martin!
Sorry for the delay. I'd love to work with you too. I am now finishing on a feature animated movie called "Zarafa" scheduled for end 2011 as head of the layout departement.
Nice crew, nice job!
Thanks for your comments.
Indeed as long as the movie has not been released I cannot post any of the material on Zarafa.
Well; it will come in time.